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Complex, intensive and individualized treatment program based on unique medical concepts. Rehabilitation of babies, children and adults, including HBOT.
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All measurements were performed twice, before intervention and after 4 weeks of intervention. The spatiotemporal gait parameters and the FAPS for gait function were measured three times, and the average of the three measurements was used in the analysis.

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The gait velocity of case A increased from Values represent means. The gait velocity of case B decreased from The current neurodevelopmental treatment of CP focuses on maintaining or improving function in patients with CP. Various treatments may help children with CP to hold an upright body alignment, strengthen muscles, prevent complications, and improve their daily functions.

Although several treatments of CP exist, adjustments to existing and new treatments are still needed. AST has been used recently to treat and facilitate active movement in CP. Many families and clinicians are interested in the outcomes of treatment using the Adeli suit, but the rehabilitation community does not have adequate scientific support for its use as a generally accepted treatment of CP 1.

An important finding is improvement in gross motor function, as assessed by GMFM, in both cases. Proprioceptive stimulation by multiple movements has a profound effect in the treatment of CP because proprioception stimulates the nervous system at the onset of damage, thus creating a better basis for successful rehabilitation.

For this reason, gross motor function was increased in both cases. Regarding gait function, the cadence and FAPS improved after the intervention in both cases.

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Step length increased on the left side and decreased on the right side in case A, resulting in a decreasing tendency of asymmetries in step length after the intervention. The results of previous studies on AST suggest that the subject relies on changes in proprioceptive information from muscles, tendons, and joints. An increase in the input of proprioception and significant information from the vestibular organs can affect body position, balance, and posture tension.

Through active movement therapy with AST, the brain is stimulated and, thus, is retrained to recognize, and eventually initiate, the correct movement of the muscles, resulting in the improvement of body alignment through trunk stability, along with improved walking patterns 1 , 5. Body deformation due to a disability prevents patients from maintaining good posture or weight support in comfortable standing positions.

The location of the elastic bands in the Adeli suit is similar to the position of antagonistic muscle pairs. Motor improvement of the joints in the lower extremities in antigravity situations was associated with resistance to the muscles that occurred when patients moved each part of their body that is connected to a bungee cord.

AST controls each movement in response to the constantly acting gravitational force, particularly for the head, trunk, and locomotor functions of the legs. - Pomôžte Danielkovi rehabilitovať v Adeli

A limitation of this study is that only two children with CP participated in the study. However, the results show that AST improved gross motor function and functional ambulation performance in these subjects. These findings suggest that AST should be recommended for treatment of CP, as a properly executed intervention would bring more benefits, particularly for functional improvements in CP.

National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. J Phys Ther Sci. Published online Jun Author information Article notes Copyright and License information Disclaimer.

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