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Hollywood has long exerted an international influence on the global imagination. In the first half of the 20th century, Chinese American actors who aspired to a.
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Their groundbreaking character-driven humor, searing one-liners, and satirical takes on serious subject matter influenced every generation of comedians who came after them, from Lucille Ball to Woody Allen to Judd Apatow. In his later years, Groucho even conquered two more mediums with the successful radio show-turned-TV quiz show You Bet Your Life It began in , when Maurice Barrymore moved from England to New York City and made his Broadway debut alongside actress Georgiana Drew, herself the daughter of an acting family.

They married in , and their three children, Lionel, Ethel, and John Barrymore, each found their own path to fame. John became the most celebrated Shakespearean stage actor in the world during the s—Laurence Olivier and Alec Guinness both counted him as an influence—and he also starred in popular films like Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde , Sherlock Holmes , and Don Juan The Fonda family story begins with Henry Fonda, who made his Hollywood debut in and went on to appear in over 80 movies—many of which, like The Grapes of Wrath and My Darling Clementine , positioned him as the quintessential American hero. She also cemented herself as a political activist and feminist icon. By the time Rupert Murdoch came to Hollywood, acquiring a struggling 20th Century Fox in , he had already dominated print and broadcast media in his native Australia and Britain—and was well on his way to doing so in the United States.

In a decade that saw the Hollywood studios of old absorbed by massive corporations, Murdoch was a vivid symbol of that change, and he shaped a studio that would produce two of the top-grossing movies of all time— Titanic and Avatar —as well as reshape the independent film business in its image with the launch of Fox Searchlight, which began to flourish with films like Little Miss Sunshine in the mids.

As of , the film and television division is now known as 21st Century Fox. Schary was a screenwriter-turned-V.

Zimmer currently serves as the co-founder and C. Today, as the C. Louis It was on the St. Louis set where he met his first wife, Judy Garland, a vaudeville star who was signed to MGM at the age of 13 and, at 16, played the role that would define her career: Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Garland and Minnelli were married for six years and had one child, Liza, born in Pickford hailed from an acting family her sister, Lottie, and brother, Jack, were also stars in their own right , and in the early days of film, Pickford pushed for stars to be billed under their own names.

She and Fairbanks, alongside Charlie Chaplin and D. Griffith, co-founded United Artists in , in an effort to break away from the powerful studio system and control their own interests. Pickford and Fairbanks were also 2 of the 36 founding members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in , with Fairbanks elected as its first president.

Both teens continue to work as actors and musicians, and—through their social-media presences and headline-making interviews—are doing their part to redefine the Hollywood dynasty for a new generation. Brothers Alfred, Lionel, and Emil, children of Russian immigrants, all became noted Hollywood composers and conductors; Alfred won nine Oscars, Lionel one, and Emil had credits on 15 films in alone. Their sister, Maria, has been commissioned to create original scores for silent films.

He occasionally collaborates with his cousin Joey, an orchestrator and composer, who is the grandson of Lionel. Darryl F. Zanuck began his career writing scripts at Warner Bros. Zanuck and his co-founder purchased Fox Film Corp. His son, Richard D. Zanuck, worked with his father at the studio to bring in fresh hits and talent—discovering Francis Ford Coppola, ushering Robert Altman to fame, and backing massive hits Planet of the Apes and The Sound of Music Keenan also created the Scary Movie franchise of the early 00s, paving the way for a new generation of spoof comedies.

Kirk Douglas became famous for dramatic roles in Westerns and war movies in the s, but he also bucked the studio system of the time by founding Bryna Productions in , in an effort to fund his own projects. Among the 19 films produced were collaborations with Stanley Kubrick. Kirk also gave screenwriter Dalton Trumbo an on-screen credit for Spartacus, in defiance of the Hollywood blacklist.

Lifetime Achievement Award.

Sunn Classic Pictures: how Hollywood introduced America to fake history.

After hearing of Biograph's praise of the area, other filmmakers headed west to set up shop. The first motion picture studio was built in , in nearby Edendale, just east of Hollywood, by Selig Polyscope Company, and the first one built in Hollywood was founded by filmmaker David Horsley's general manager Al Christie in , in an old building on the southeast corner of Sunset Boulevard and Gower Street.

Movie studios began to crop up all over Hollywood after Christie's appearance, including ones for Cecil B. DeMille in , the Charlie Chaplin Studio in , and many others. The timeless symbol of the film industry. The origin of the famous "Hollywood" sign is embedded in Americana. It was installed originally to advertise a new subdivision near the top of Mount Lee, called "Hollywoodland. After being erected in , the sign fell into disrepair. The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce was given authority to remove the last four letters and restore the remaining portions of the sign on the hillside, in The sign is now a registered trademark owned by the Chamber of Commerce, and may only be used in filming with their permission.

The famous "Hollywood Walk of Fame," where the names of celebrities are embedded in the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard, was built in There are some 2, five-pointed stars given by the Chamber for being significant contributors to the entertainment industry. They are permanent fixtures in the sidewalk, although some may occasionally be relocated due to construction projects or other goings-on..

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Golden Age of Hollywood. From the end of the silent film era, about , to around , the Hollywood movie studio system controlled what films were shown across the country.

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Five major Hollywood-area studios owned large, grand theaters where they would show only movies produced by their studios and made with their contracted actors. Also known as the Golden Age of Hollywood, stars had little choice but to contract with those studios. However, in in a landmark decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled that studios could not own their own theaters where they showed films made only by their studios and only with actors who had exclusive contracts with those studios.

That decision marked the unofficial end of the "Golden Age of Hollywood.

The Origin of Movies

Soon after, television proved itself to be a lucrative and permanent medium of entertainment, so that by the mids, these same studios began to provide content for TV. McCarthyism takes hold of Hollywood.

History of Hollywood, California

The "Hollywood Blacklist" came into being in , when that committee began summoning certain Hollywood entertainment professionals to testify before the committee, on the suspicion that their work was communist-inspired. As the media began extensive coverage of the proceedings, some writers, producers, and directors became known as the "Hollywood The blacklist eventually grew to names and persisted up until the s.

Hollywood Today. The landscape of Hollywood began to change with the mushrooming of the television industry in the s. Television and music recording studios and offices sprung up all over the city.

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By the end of that year, the first movie production made for television, The Public Prosecutor , was broadcast from Hollywood. While most of the studios remained in Hollywood, other television studios such as CBS Television City began to build there. Announcing their shows as having originated from "Television City in Hollywood," the location of that station effectively stretched the district's southern border. Over the last 40 years, Hollywood has been through a lot of changes.

While the studios have relocated to other Los Angeles areas, most motion picture production still occurs within the district. Such significant ancillary industries as film editing, effects, props, post-production, and lighting companies remain in Hollywood. The only movie studio remaining in Hollywood today, however, is Paramount Studios. Attempts to re-incorporate Hollywood were tried in when the campaign to secede from Los Angeles was unsuccessfully waged.

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  5. A group of Hollywood citizens felt that Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors was not specifically addressing their needs. Voted on by all Los Angeles residents, the referendums for the secession of Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, both failed by wide margins, in November Although Hollywood today does not have a municipal government, it does have an "honorary mayor" for ceremonial purposes.

    Points of interest. Hollywood continues to be the home of many historic and unusual points of interests. A sampling of places to visit, include:. In addition to being the past home of many movie studios, Hollywood also was home to many other famous individuals.